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Frank Lloyd Wright


Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect around the turn of the century, who has left many buildings in Chicago Illinois, as well as scattered about throughout the US. Frank not only designed buildings but also has a very distinctive style for stained glass windows and household furnishing. Think of art-deco merged with Japanese woodblock prints.

Dr. Hain's medical clinic in Chicago is furnished somewhat in the style of FLW.

If you visit Chicago, perhaps as part of a visit to see Dr. Hain in his clinic, you may also want to take in some of the more accessible FLW collections. Closest of all is the stained glass museum at Navy Pier. While it only has about 2-3 FLW stained glass windows, there are many other pieces of stained glass that are similar. This is roughly 6 blocks from the clinic. About 10 blocks away is the architecture foundation store, just across from the Art Institute of Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

Also very accessible is the Robie House in Hyde Park (take a cab from clinic is best).

Roughly 10 miles away, in Oak park, is a large collection of FLW houses as well as his studio -- again a cab will probably be needed. About 4 hours away is Spring Green Wisconsin, where FLW had the summer campus of his architecture school, Taliesan. There is a restaurant -- Fields steak house -- close by designed by a protege of FLW, at the Wisconsin Dells (a good place to find water parks for those of you with small children).

Some pictures of FLW sites that Dr. Hain has visited as well as some comments about the tours is below.

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