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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright
FLW from https://flwright.org/researchexplore/wrightschicagoyears A window from the Unity Temple.

Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect around the turn of the century, who has left many buildings in Chicago Illinois, as well as scattered about throughout the US. Frank not only designed buildings but also has a very distinctive style for stained glass windows and household furnishing. Think of art-deco merged with Japanese woodblock prints.

Note that starting in early April, 2020, virtual tours of FLW masterpieces are being offered every Thursday Noon during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Another link to the same material is here:

Dr. Hain's medical clinic in Chicago is furnished somewhat in the style of FLW.

If you visit Chicago, perhaps as part of a visit to see Dr. Hain in his clinic, you may also want to take in some of the more accessible FLW collections. As a general comment, most of these places are just houses with an admission ticket. We are not so sure that it is worth $20 per house. Sadly, there is no "Wright pass". I guess keeping all of those beautiful but structurally weak buildings in repair isn't cheap.

Some pictures of FLW sites that Dr. Hain has visited as well as some comments about the tours is below.

Some interesting history about FLW.

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1887 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. So in other words, Frank was a midwesterner. After college he became the chief assistant to architect Louis Sullivan in Chicago. He then founded his own firm, and developed a style known as the "Prairie School". He designed many structures in Chicago, but also designed a total of 33 buildings for Madison Wisconsin. Of those he designed only about half were built. The most common reason was that the architect and client parted ways. Wright's dropout rate was higher than average -- 47%. The usual architectural firm dropout rate is 30-35%.

I have talked with people whose relatives knew FLW. Generally speaking, their relatives did not have much good to say concerning his behavior.

In 1909 FLW abandoned his wife in Chicago and eloped to Europe with a client's wife, Mamah Borthwick Cheney. The couple returned to Wisconsin and built a home for his mistress. In 1914, A servant named Julian Carlton poured gasoline under a door, lit a fire, and stood outside the door with an axe. Carlton died without revealing his motivation for the rampage. Frank eventually got a divorce, and married twice again. More about this interesting story can be found here.


Dr. Hain is very grateful to several patients of his medical practice that share his enthusiasm for FLW, and send him literature about local buildings.


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