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Frank Lloyd Wright -- Marin County Civic Building

Timothy. C. Hain

All images on this page are courtesy of Daniel Lowenberg. info@lowenberg.com

Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed the building discussed.

Marin County Civic Center.

Daniel Lowenberg was kind enough to send me these photos taken of another Frank Lloyd Wright designed building.

exterior spire marin county
Marin County Civic center. Spire from the Marin County Civic center. Marin County Civic center with spire.

Once can see how FLW used design elements found in other parts of his work. The building overall looks somewhat likea flying saucer with an pagoda like spire. The spire resembles the design FLW made, but never executed, of a sky-scraper in Chicago.


entrance gate3 gate
The building has an amazing entrance dominated by these gates Closed gates. They look a bit like a stain glass window. Detail of gates

Aren't these gates wonderful - -they look like a stain glass window, but their color comes from the interior of the building itself.

interior parking lot
The interior of the building looks like a Japanese garden. Even the parking lot has FLW touches (mushroom like lighting)



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