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BARROW Balance Center Symposium


This is an old picture of Dr. Hain when he had brown hair.Timothy C. Hain, M.D.

Professor of Neurology, Otolaryngology, and Physical Therapy/Human Movement Science, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago IL, USA.

EMAIL ADDRESS: t-hain@northwestern.edu
FAX NUMBER: 312-274-0198
EDUCATION: MD and Neurology Residency: University of Illinois, Chicago IL. Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University (Neurophysiology and Neuro-ophthalmology). Board certified in Neurology (1981)


5th Biennial Balance Center Symposium. Barrow Neurological Institute Jan 26-27, 2006, Phoenix AZ

Selected Lecture Handouts for portions of this course given by Dr. Hain (pdf):


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