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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these devices or companies will bring up more relevant information.

Zoom web site indexer

I have been using this program to create indexes for various websites for many years. This includes this particular website as well. There is both a free version (good to check the program out), and a paid version. Although Google will index your site for free, it has those pesky advertisements, and of course, can't index a local site at all.

Zoom can be configured to use PHP (works nicely for remote sites), or Javascript (will work on a local copy of a website).

Zoom support is fast and usually very effective.

Problems with Zoom:

The only significant problem I encountered with Zoom is indexing on a site that uses authentication. I spent hours trying to get the built in authentication code to work (it never did). I ended up editing the front end PHP on the website to be indexed as shown below, to add a "back door":

$zoom = 0; // detect zoom indexer. If it is detected, bypass the authorization code.
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
if (strlen(strstr($agent, 'ZoomSpider')) > 0) $zoom=1;
if(!$zoom) require_once("authorize.php");

This seems a bit crude -- one might not want to create a "back door" into a website. Zoom should be able to authenticate


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