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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these devices or companies will bring up more relevant information.

Mysql and Mysqlbackup

Last edited: October 10, 2021


Mysql is a very useful database that runs on Linux machines. It is relied upon and for this reason doesn't undergo as many of the updates that are constantly "improving" PHP. Mysql is most easily manipulated using phpmyadmin, another utility program that provides a web interface. There are a few "gotchas" to Mysql that seem to have escaped documentation. We are writing here about ubuntu.

1. Remote connection to mysql requires both setting up permissions and allowing remote "binding". In addition, not said in the documentation is that the mysql password must be "strong", for a remote connection. Mysql doesn't care about this when you are connecting through localhost.

Backing up Mysql

Backing up mysql is essential in this day of hackers. It is strangely difficult to accomplish this. I have had the most success with the following program:

automatic backup scheduler for mysql.

This paid (one time) program that gets some used to, but with trial/error, it is OK. The program is a windows front end for the mysql database utilities that transfer databases from one server to another, or run "mysqldump" which saves the database as a text file. It has a whole lot more function embedded in it that a casual user will every want to know.

This program is very strange under windows. It doesn't start up as one would expect, and just minimizes itself. When you minimize it, it goes to the task bar. When you run it as a service, it doesn't always respond to more direct interactions.

Helpful hints:

    1. It is best run as an administrator, and best run as a windows service. This keeps it going in between the usual weekly windows updates.
    2. When you start up the program, it will flash on the screen, and then minimize itself so you have to find it again under the ^ part of the taskbar. Strange.
    3. Don't start up multiple copies of the program -- you will end up with multiple copies in the ^ part of the taskbar.
    4. Take a close look at the logs -- if there is a red entry, something went wrong.
    5. Saving to a .zip file doesn't work (when you are running the mysqldump).
    6. If there is a support team here, they don't seem to respond to email contacts (i.e. you are on your own).

Other ways to do this ?

  1. Well probably you could run mysqldump through the windows task scheduler.
  2. You could run your own backups every day manually.

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