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Disk space analyzers

There are many disk space analyzers out there, some free, and some kind of expensive. I started from the hongkiat.com page which lists 10. Here are my experiences, ranked from best to worst. Note that many of the installers for these programs are strange, it can be very hard to find the program once it is installed.

Ridnacs: My pick

While a bit crude, this application does a nice job of scanning a directory tree (can be on a network drive), and allowing you to drill down, and delete big files. Pretty good. Price is free. I think it would be nice to have a version that has a database.


This program doesn't find network drives. So I uninstalled it.


This program is not really free, it is a trial ware. I uninstalled it.


This is a rather awesome program that gives you an extra window to drill down on folders. It is too intrusive for me. I don't want to have another window every time I open up a folder.

Disk Savvy Ultimate

This is a very elaborite program, available in a free version, and also in a purchased version to get around the restrictions of the free version. I purchased the "ultimate" version in 2016. More recently, in 2021, I had a question about my paid for software, in 2021. I supplied the order number from 2016. This is what they responded:

Dear Tim,

Thank you for using our software.

According to our registration database, your support and product updates
agreement expired 19-Sep-2018.

Currently, we cannot provide you customer support and you are not
entitled to use any product versions released after 19-Sep-2018.


Best Regards,
Flexense Support Team.

So, these people are saying is that they won't talk to me until I pay more money. OKaaaaay


This program doesn't work. Don't bother to install it.


A modest proposal

It seems to me that these programs are optimized for speed, but that my computer just sits around doing nothing most of the time. Why not have it do all of this crunching in the background, and save it in a database for speed. I think this could be done (for example), using PHP and a mysql database.

I suppose the main problem here would be with deleting big files, as PHP is so locked down for security reasons, that it would be impossible to open up a network drive and hope that PHP could delete too large files. Maybe could do this though in visual C.

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