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PHPstorm is one of several "IDE" type programs used to create content online. Dr. Hain is a long-term user of Adobe Dreamweaver (which has become too difficult to keep working), and has also dabbled with Eclipse, and Coffee_cup, notepad++, atom, NetBeans and Wordpress. While Dr. Hain prefers Dreamweaver, PHPstorm is the next best so far. Dr. Hain thinks Eclipse is too "rough" -- being an open source product, many things fail. Dr. Hain thinks Coffee_cup is too "crude". Dr. Hain does not think the Wordpress model (i.e. keep everything in a database) is a good idea for what he wants to do (mix in content and PHP or Javascript).

PHPstorm is not a WYSIWYG type editor - -in other words, you can't work on a "fake" local web page as one can with Dreamweaver, and edit in place. You have to go back and forth between your "code" and the live site, or at least a testing server version of the live site. This makes things a lot easier for PHPstorm, but it is a bit stressful for the content developer who has to see two different representations at the same time.

Some general observations about PHPstorm

A few things I figured out using PHPstorm.



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