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Anyone who wants to use these photos is welcome.

Chicago Illinois -- 8/15/2020 -- 9 AM

The bridges over the Chicago River are up again this morning (see below). Many businesses are boarded up, or have boards over all of their windows.  For example, Whole foods.  We understand that Macys has decided to leave their downtown location. This is understandable.  It would seem a good idea for businesses that can, to move off of the ground floor so that there are no windows to break.

There are many people in large vehicles (vans or SUVs) on the streets.

bridge up over Chicago River

bridges up over Chicago River


Chicago, Illinois -- Michigan Avenue breakage and theft again on 8/10/2020

The pictures below illustrate our situation in Chicago on 8/10/2020.


Staples has stuff. We think Staples should not be on the ground floor


T-mobile has the right idea - -shutters seems to work



Bridges are up -- even more than in June.

Chicago, Illinois -- Michigan Avenue had windows broken and property taken on 6/2/2020

6/1/2020 - 6/2/2020

The pictures below illustrate our situation in Chicago on June 1, 2020. Anyone who wants to use these photos is welcome.


This used to be the Starbucks Flagship store. All of the Starbucks downtown are now boarded up. We have our own "boardwalk".


This used to be the Timberland on Michigan Avenue.



Sephora was taking down the boards on June 1. They put them back up again after their windows were broken. You can also see that Chase and Roots are boarded up.


When I came in this morning, I talked to our staff. They don't live downtown, but they live in more peripheral parts of Chicago. They are terrified. Groups are coming to their neighborhoods at night, stealing cars, pulling people out of cars, and threatening them with death. They call the police and nobody comes.


Boarded up

The "Magnificent Mile" in May as of 2021. The boards go up and down. Must be expensive. May reflect some loss of trust in Chicago's willinesss to protect its merchants.



High vacancy rate in Chicago's "Mag mile"

The above ABC news story discusses how about 20% of the stores on Michigan avenue are vacant now.



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