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Inventions we would like to see:

I think this one is in the process of being implemented -- we just keep this page here to show that this idea is obvious and should not be patentable.

Local Search --

I live in downtown Chicago, and I know there must be lots of interesting stuff going on in the skyscrapers that surround my condo building. When one travels abroad, there are cities (like Tokyo) that build upward.

But how do you find out where things are ?

I was surprised the other day to find a Cajun restaurant in my building. I figured this out because of the valet parking sign on the street. It wasn't great, but who knows what other restaurants might be lurking in the high-rises that surround us ?

What I would love to see would be a method of searching for businesses by address.

This would likely need to come from the Chicago city business license registration database, joined with other databases.




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