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This space holds helpful information about things that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

Rujin Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai

This is a nice hotel located in the older French part of Shanghai. The buildings are beautiful, located on a property resembling a fortress, complete with outer walls, gates, multiple buildings, and a 1940's style set of satellite dishes (left over when this property was Shanghai headquarters for the communist party). Clearly a lot of attention was devoted to the looks of this hotel. While it may be a little old, it is basically well cared for.

Staying for anything other than visiting the great wall in mainland China or some other touristy thing is quite a chore these days. Don't plan to get any work done while you are there -- if you use a computer. More comments about China are here.


Coffee in this hotel is made using an odd device that looks as if it belongs in an old Flash-Gordon science fiction movie. It turned out to be a cappuccino maker. The device has an 2 page leather bound instruction booklet, thoughtfully printed in both Chinese and English, hidden on the desk among a variety of other booklets. It looks similar to the device below (although not exact).


After carefully reading the manual (necessary to locate the power switch), inserting a small cartridge provided in a little box, it powers up, makes a variety of alarming noises, slurps up water in the back, and produces a modest amount of funny looking coffee, dispensed into a tea cup. It is not strong enough to be called cappuccino, and the milk is premixed (ugh).

Well, better than nothing.


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