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This space holds helpful information about things that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

Hotel Regina in Madrid

Stayed here for a 4 day vacation.

Awesome location -- right in the middle of old town. Demonstrations march past every afternoon offering free entertainment.

The hotel staff were very friendly -- they seemed to genuinely care and tried to make our stay pleasant. No concierge here, but the front staff did OK.

The hotel amenities were on the scanty side -- many crucial things didn't work -- for example, the heat in our room and the room safe. To close the door, one needed to slam it so hard that the entire floor awoke.  We were puzzled when we booked a room with a queen bed, and were presented with two twin beds.  On negotiation however, this was resolved. 

It is probably best to ask for a room on the higher floor. The demonstrations are very noisy and make it difficult to concentrate when one is on the lower floors.

In Spain, there must be a shortage of tissues and toilet paper. The hotel staff provided none of the first and doled out tiny rolls of the second.

Spain evidently has a shortage of power.  Every day we would leave our laptop to be recharged, and keep the key-card in the slot near the door. Every afternoon, we would come back, and house-keeping had confiscated our keycard.  To punish us I guess for attempting to recharge our electrical devices. 

European electricity is odd -- an idea for Madrid hotels -- why not attempt to make your American guests happy, and provide them with US power -- having 6 outlets to use -- heaven. 

European coffee is odd too.  What they call coffee is some odd bitter stuff that goes into a coffee cup, and then is mixed with milk. Another idea for Madrid hotels -- supply a "Mr Coffee" single serve coffee machine, such as even the lowest level hotels have in the US.




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