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Hotel 140 in Boston -- or should it be hotel "Y" ?


I ended up staying here when I booked a somewhat last-minute reservation to attend a conference in Boston. I chose it mainly by location (which is great). Overall, I think it was overpriced (about $220), but would be a reasonable place to stay for, lets say, $110.

Hotel 140 evidently used to be a 'Y'. The top of the building (which can't be seen in their promotional pictures), says "YWCA". The bottom of the building looks like a 'Y'. A better name for the hotel would be hotel 'Y' -- (like hotel 'W' -- a joke).

According to my taxi driver, it was "rehabbed" in late 2006. It does look that way. Everything somewhat works. The decor is early tacky -- now it looks pretty nice because it is new. However, the carpets look as if they were faded even when new. The furnishings are functional and plain -- that's fine. The heat and radio worked fine.

The internet connection worked fine, but was strange. It is hard-wired using a 30 ft cord that stretches from the bed area over to the desk. All in all, OK but strange.

The bathroom was tiny, and the shower very tiny. Evidently water pressure is a huge problem in the building, because at 5 in the morning, there was almost nothing. It never got very warm either. The shower design was also silly as one can't turn on the water without getting splashed by cold water, because it is so tiny.

Location, as mentioned, was terrific. It is close to the convention center, fairly close to the 'T', and right across the street from a "hard rock cafe". It was invaded by middle schoolers when I went there for dinner. There was construction going on across the street.


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