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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

Kensington Surface Book Lock - for Surface Book 1 & 2 (K64821WW)

I bought this device for my Microsoft Surface laptop 2. I was not sure whether it would work with a "Surface Laptop 2", as opposed to a "Surface Book 2", and I left a customer inquiry on the Amazon site. There was a reply, from someone (that eventually showed up as a vendor on Amazon", implying that it did work.

Amazon Answer

This product does NOT fit a Surface Laptop 2. So I was misled.

Here, I was "fooled" by two parties: Kensington (who now have an "answer" on the Kensington lock suggesting it works), and Amazon, who posted this wrong information.

I attempted to reply that I was unhappy, and wrote the following:

Amazon review of Kensington

Amazon refused to post this comment, so I am posting it here.


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