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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

Brother MFC- multifunction printers

The Brother MFC printers are impressive technological feat, and the older ones are built like a battleship. I have many different models in my office.

The black/white printers all share the same general good points and bad points.

Good points -- mostly hardware.

Bad points about Brother printers-- mostly software


Brother MFC-8890DW printer setup for scan to FTP or Network

The Brother MFC device is an awesome tool, but getting it to work is so challenging that it makes one wonder if the intent was to employ IT consultants.

Here is how you set it up for scan to FTP. I have no idea how to get this guy working for scan to email or scan to a directory. It looks very formidable -- perhaps requiring 2 or more days of experimentation. Scanning to FTP is at least possible. With this document to help - -you might get it working in 4 hours. Scanning to the network is a better idea, but again you will probably need to read my instructions below or get professional help.

First, realize that this is very tough, and if you make lots of mistakes, you may need 8 hours to get this working. You have to configure 3 separate devices: 1). Printer 2). Router 3). FTP server or network profile.

Brother did not feel that users needed printed documentation for this highly complex task, and suggest users download the documentation from the web. The documentation is both very long and incomplete. It is beautifully formatted however. The documentation on the CD that comes with the device is harder to use than the PDF that you can download on the web,because it is in HTML format, making it unsearchable. We think it is best to avoid the Brother documentation.

Printer configuration to scan to network or FTP

Brother uses regular html forms to configure its printers. Not very sophisticated ones -- but very plain vanilla html. There is no help, no feedback, and until you try the configuration out, you don't know if it works either. In other words, this is very crude. But it does work if you can make your way through it. Hopefully the instructions below will help.

General configuration common to both FTP and scan to network.


Scan to directory.

To set up FTP:

FTP server configuration.

Router configuration


Brother P-500 Label printer

This little label printer and variants is fairly handy, but supplies cost a fortune. The DK-1201 labels cost about $11/roll. see here. It turns out that the label carrier is pretty hard to open, and thus it is very hard to substitute a "generic" label roll for a "brand" roll. There are two work-arounds. You can buy a reusable label carrier for $8 (from Amazon). With quite a bit of force you can also open up the label carrier. It turns out that there is a plastic tab that holds it in, basically because it is jammed in. You can see it by looking down the "barrel", and get it off by pulling hard enough.


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