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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

This page details a series of unfortunate interactions with the HP Laserjet MFP printer/scanner/fax.

I was forced to substitute this printer for a similar Brother printer, because the IT department of my hospital did not support Brother printers. This guy is a big problem, and I am getting rid of it.

1. It is too small -- the tray to hold scans just holds a very few.

2. It doesn't do what it is told. It put itself into "duplex" mode, and now every job takes twice as long. It prints, it stops, it asks me to press a button on the tray, and then it prints everything out again.

3. It is uncontrollable -- while it says that duplex is disabled on the web control panel, it does it anyway.

HP Laserjet MFP M522dn

Ok, we sent the MFP M428fdn back. The MF22dn is another maddening device, fixing a few problems of the above device, but still immensely frustrating. It seems to be designed for occasional use, rather than all day interaction. User interaction is very frustrating, and it is erratic.

1. It is too big. It appears to be designed to holds lots of paper, but it doesn't have a large enough input tray. Seems to be designed for a group of people who are willing to tolerate very slow processing.

2. It is as slow as molasses -- probably running off of some tiny cheap processor.

3. Every scan requires 4 interactions - -push on the menu (which vanishes every 5 minutes), select this, select that.

4. It sometimes is very slow to respond. In fact, it just becomes unresponsive, once or twice/day. You have to push the power cycle button.

5. Sometimes, you can send a page to the printer, and it does nothing. 2 minutes later, the page comes out. This is unacceptable in a doctor's office.

The Brother brand of Multifunction printers (laser printer/scanner/fax) are far faster and practical for a business application.



These printers appears to have come out with bad firmware, they are not thoughtfully designed, and they are very slow for a very expensive device. We wonder why HP is willing to produce such an inferior series of printers. We don't think anyone should get one of these if they have the option of getting the far better designed Brother MFC. We tentaitvely think that a better solution assuming one is stuck with the HP brand, is to use a dedicated HP printer and a dedicated scanner from some other vendor.


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