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A modest proposal.


Modest proposals are "tongue in cheek" suggestions for improving the world. This one is actually serious - -I am not sure where the tongue should be allocated in this case.

Microwaved mask

Face masks and sterilizing them with microwaves

Covid virus can be killed with 2 minutes of microwaving according to here:

Paper face masks are currently in short supply. They cannot be microwaved because there is a wire in the top, used to secure it to the nose.

A modest proposal: microwave face masks.

Why not remove the wire from a paper mask, microwave the face mask for 2 minutes, and then put the wire back in ? The illustration above shows how I modified my mask -- I cut a small slit on the side, easily slipped out the wire which had plastic attached, microwaved the remainder for 2 minutes. It is easy to insert the wire again.


Is this mask sterile now ? I don't really know, but my guess is yes.

I tried this in a weak microwave (750) and a strong one (1500). Two minutes in the strong one melted the mask plastic.




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