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Nonlinear Video Editors for making "Eye-Movement" videos.

The world has changed drastically over the last 10 years and now everybody (or at least their kids) are making movies to go on Youtube, etc. So, producing tiny little educational videos should be easier. Nonlinear video editors (NLVE) are the "word processors" of video editing. If you goggle "nonlinear video editor" you will get many many options. Here I discuss what I have learned about all of these programs, as of Jan, 2014.

You might think after reading this list that there are no NLVE suitable for making eye videos. So far, what I have learned that almost every NL editor crashes at least occasionally, and most crash routinely. Almost all produces output different than the documentation would suggest, or is just useless. It is a jungle out there. A bunch of amateurs I guess.

After many days of struggling with these programs, I have think the best solution is to use Cyberlink Video Director to mask out unneeded stuff, add titles, and write it out to whatever format you prefer.

The following is arranged alphabetically, but we think "Cyberlink" is the best choice.

Adobe Premiere Elements -- useless for "eye" videos.

Bottom line -- don't use Adobe Premiere Elements for editing "eye" videos-- too many bugs. Perhaps it works better for other purposes. We find it hard to imagine this however given the lack of usability.

Aimersoft family of programs -- reasonable utilities with some problems.

Aimersoft has the sales strategy of divide and conquer -- it offers many little utility programs, each one sold for about $40. Once you add everything up, it costs as much as a single comprehensive package, but perhaps you don't need/want a single comprehensive package. We have a separate page on aimersoft.

IVSedit 2013 -- broken.

After a somewhat involved registration process (harvesting email I suppose), an endless download begins. This is not that big a program, but it takes forever.

While not quite "dead on arrival", IVSedit 2013 free edition is completely useless. It will not import video clips. Uninstalled.

Corel VideoStudio Pro -- broken

Corel cannot be downloaded. It "hangs up" when one attempts to download.

Cyberlink Video Director -- current best NL video editor for making clinical movies

Lightworks trial -- it works but has poor quality (perhaps suitable for children) output.

NCH videopad -- crashes.

NCH is very simple, but it is buggy and crashes when one tries to write output. The input side and the edit parts work. Just needs to do the output transcoding better. It has promise but needs more work. Uninstalled.

Nero video editor -- crude

I tried this for a few minutes and then uninstalled. Nero doesn't really seem "done". It takes about 10 minutes to download and 5 minutes to install on a SSD (in other words -- installation is painful). Nero also attempts to install a browser redirector (shame !). Once it is downloaded --the process seems crude. Titling is complicated and strange.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 trial and Vegas -- overly complex.

Ulead Movie Factory 4.0 -- doesn't work

Ulead Movie Factory produces reproducibly produces an error message when attempting to import DVD's made by my Panasonic DVR. This is in direct contradiction to the package. This program simply doesn't work. We have not checked newer versions


VirtualDub -- obsolete.

Virtualdub and several companion programs -- avisynth and substation alpha, are extremely fast "open source" video editing programs. Although a bit buggy from time to time, they will generally suffice for making educational video clips. They are also far less demanding on your computer -- commercial "nonlinear editors" take major hardware and software. Virtualdub will run on nearly anything, lightning fast.

Recently Microsoft Powerpoint has been "improved" so that it no longer plays AVI files. Because of this, to use virtualdub, one has to convert them into wmv using another program. A pain !

Another general observation is that nonlinear editing of video is HARD. Almost all of the programs that I have seen outside of virtualdub/avisynth are very buggy.

The following commentary details my experiences using various programs. It was an appalling in terms of time wasted, as most of these programs are broken or written for other groups (i.e. professional editors).

In the end, I decided cyberlink video-director was the best (as of 2014).



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