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Uncivil behavior

It is common these days to be abused by business enterprises.   Not only do they waste one's time, but they also attempt to mislead you, to their advantage.  Dr. Hain wishes that businesses would treat their customers as they would like to be treated themselves. In other words, Dr. Hain would like businesses to act ethically.I am sure that everyone can easily think of examples where businesses routinely follow procedures aimed to benefit them, at their customers expense.

For example, the vitamix corporation that only accepts positive product reviews of their blender. Newegg makes promises regarding delivery that are nonsense.

A few other examples that I did not dignify with a web page of their own.


A few days prior to writing this review, I called a telephone company that has a near monopoly on land-line service in Chicago (ATT).  I was attempting to add more service (long distance).  I called, and was asked numerous questions by a computer.  ATT apparently finds hiring a human being, even working off shore, is not cost effective. Next, I was put on hold for 20 minutes. The nice young man who came on the line, then claimed to be a victim of ATT software, which would not allow him to add service to my account without my PIN number.  After another 20 minutes of cajoling, and threats of contacting the superviser, the long distance service was added.  After this awful experience, routine for ATT interactions, there was an attempt to sell more (unwanted) ATT services.

Ace Hardware

Another amazing example is our local hardware store, Hyde Park Ace. Just recently, we bought a bottle of Cascade dishwasher detergent. $6 for a little bottle. When we got home -- my wife said -- I've never seen dishwasher detergent that was clear before.   It turned out that the bottle was full of water.  We have bought numerous lightbulbs that were "dead on arrival", with the packaging partially open. Broken electrical gadgets - -with the plastic carefully taped back on the package.  Hyde Park Ace hardware specializes in selling used items, repackaged as new. 

In general, businesses these days seem to feel that abusing their customers, and acting in the businesses best interest rather than the customers, is wise. 



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