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Televox and "House Calls" patient reminders.

It is common these days to be abused by business enterprises.   Not only do they waste one's time, but they also attempt to mislead you, to their advantage.  Dr. Hain wishes that businesses would treat their customers as they would like to be treated themselves. In other words, Dr. Hain would like businesses to act ethically.

Televox is a company that reminds patients of their appointments.  My practice (Chicago Dizziness and Hearing), had an awful experience with their service.

In retrospect, the main clue was their 1-page contract, with a few lines of tiny fine print in the middle.   I did not read the fine print, and signed a document that said that we were locked in for 3 years, with a minimum charge of $200/month. 

If their service had worked -- this would be perfectly fine.   Unfortunately, as soon as we started up, we got complaints.  Patients called that they had cancelled their appointment weeks ago, and were getting reminder calls.   The interface between our scheduling system and their software was terrible.

We shut down the automated calling part of their service after a few weeks.  Just too many complaints.   We shut down the emailing part of their service after a few months.  Just too useless.   Televox told us that they had no record of us complaining about their service.  Mistake #2 -- My staff didn't create a paper trail with Televox.

We attempted to discontinue their contract after 6 months.   They refused, and said that they wanted $200/month for 3 years (i.e. $7200) to do nothing. This is unethical and uncivil.

We suggest avoiding any contact with Televox.  


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