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Tangastic (yearly Chicago event) -- review


One of the nice things about living in a city the size of Chicago are the larger events that might not appeal to a large fraction of the population.

I have been to this event twice now. It is basically a popular dance "concert" - -about 5 couples, proficient in latin dancing, strut their stuff in front of a nearly capacity audience in Chicago's symphony center. While you can buy tickets through the CSO box office (a good idea), the people who help you are careful to tell you that it is an "outside event" - - I guess they are trying to warn you that buyer beware.

Interestingly enough, the parking for this event was "upsized" -- because of the "Special Event". Thanks Chicago ! $25 for 3 hours of parking. The machines in the Grant Park garage had stickers indicating that they had recently increased the price - - our city at work I guess. Makes me want to find another place to see concerts.


Ok - -what about the dancing ? I don't know much about dancing, but I know what I like - - and this was "OK". The dancing varied but generally looked rather proficient, the participants often seemed to be having fun, and there were certainly a lot of beautiful ladies.

There were also many things that didn't work quite so well. The lighting and sound system was simply unprofessional. Dancers performed in near darkness, and at one point there was considerable feedback. The "band" for the concert -- consisted of 3 guys -- they were pretty good, but at least half of the concert was to recorded music. For the price of these tickets, I had expected live music, not recordings.

The program didn't discuss the dancers (why not ?) but instead discussed all sorts of peripheral and useless stuff - -for example - - how Tango improves Parkinsonism. Please spare us this silly stuff !

I ended up sitting behind the stage, on the side. This turned out to be a great place to see. The hall is actually far too large for this event - - because anywhere more than about 5 rows back means you can't see the dancers.

Overall -- I would not go again.

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