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Academic graphics packages.

When Microsoft 2013 "analysis" toolpack started to malfunction (that had worked reasonably well in Excel 2000), I decided it was time to upgrade. This is somewhat of a public service announcement - -as it took me about 4 hours to discover the flaws in several packages.

jmp is a stat/graphics package, associated with SAS, that was free through Northwestern. I guess you get what you pay for. After several hours of working with the odd but still vaguely recognizable interface, I attempted to get a graph to produce some useful output -- I thought -- surely I can copy a figure and paste it into powerpoint, or something. Guess not. JMP has no method of providing output other than Flash. Flash -- you know - -the software that nobody wants anymore. Well.

Next I attempted to use the trial version of sigmaplot - -although they want $600 for this guy, I thought - -maybe it is worth it. At least I can give it a try. After struggling with a very strange trial version system that seemed to be designed to frustrate anyone attempting to do a trial, I decided -- nope. Sigmaplot probably has a method of making a histogram, but it isn't obvious. I was not impressed by a software firm that can't even produce a workable trial version.

Graphpad -- was very hopeless. Might as well stick with the broken excel.

Now I am planning to install "R". At least it doesn't cost $600 like sigmaplot. So far I have bought about $200 of books to learn 'R'. Hm.


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