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NewEgg and Fedex

Sometimes you need computer equipment fast. Below is a piece of an order for a new server. NewEgg pretends to accomodate the need for rapid delivery with "Next Business Day".

NewEgg next business day

In reality, this is fraud. This order (put in on Thursday), is supposedly to arrive on Monday. We are hoping it will arrive.

It seems to Dr. Hain that there are partners in crime here-- NewEgg, and Fedex.

This is not the first time -- it is common for packages sent "overnight" to show up several days later. It is also common for us in Chicago to get other people's mail (from the USPS), to have our mail delivered to someone else, and especially to get notifications that "no-one was there to recieve" a package that are simply lies, as our office is open till 6:30, and it is impossible for there to be nobody there to sign for a package, at 4PM.

Another interesting new development is that Amazon deliveries state that there was no one to recieve a package on weekends, when of course we are often there doing paperwork. Amazon is generally better than USPS, UPS or Fed-ex, but they seem to have a similar problem with false claims.





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