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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these devices or companies will bring up more relevant information.


Apple appears to be actively attempting to undermine 3rd party support to their products. This is an example.

After using "sharepad.exe" to look at my Ipad (but without doing anything to it), I started getting messages from Itunes that it could not read my file system. It offered to reset my ipad to factory settings. The ipad otherwise works fine - -and why should I reset it to factory settings anyway ?

Looking online, I found a blog that pointed me to i-funbox.com, where I downloaded i-Funbox. This app allows one to rename a file on the ipad. Once you rename this file, then itunes syncs with no trouble.

So -- Apple lied (about not being able to read my file system -- obviously there was nothing wrong with my filesystem). Apple software then quickly proposed to turn my ipad into a "factory setting" ipad without any data.

Seems that Apple is acting irresponsibly. Perhaps Apple should point users to i-Funbox to support their ipads, as Apple itself can only offer destructive suggestions.

2014 -- I loaded a new version of Itunes.

After doing this, I found that all of my files were duplicated, 5 or 6 times in itunes. So in other words, a new version of itunes breaks i-funbox.




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