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Too Hot to Handel (yearly concert)


One of the nice things about living in a city the size of Chicago are the larger events that might not appeal to a large fraction of the population.

Earlier in January this year, I went to a concert in Chicago advertised as a "Gospel Jazz Messiah" with homage to Martin Luther King, at the Auditorium theater in downtown Chicago. It turned out to be more properly an Opera-Gospel-Jazz Messiah -- four operatic soloists, belting out a jazzy Handel's Messiah, backed up by a very large chorus (which seemed largely from Detroit), and an excellent orchestra/Pianist.

While the arrangements were not always of the greatest quality (and in fact the name of the arranger(s) was not even on the program), everyone had a blast ! Very high recommendation ! I would gladly do this again next year. I only wish it there was audience participation.

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