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Rants and Raves of Dr. Timothy Hain

This is a newer picture of Dr. Hain after he removed his beard Emeritus Professor at Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago IL, USA.

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This space holds helpful information about various things that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error, or just felt strongly enough to need to vent.


So-so (suboptimal, or perhaps "challenged")



Ideas (or modest proposals).

These are "obvious" ideas -- some of which we would like to see implemented, but not like to see patented.



Osaka Rendered Services Trump demonstrations 2016
Osaka palace. Rebuilt after the first one burned down. "Rendered services", Chicago auto pound. A joke ? 2016 mob of supporters of Hilary Clinton after she lost the election. Backdrop is Trump Tower. They were chanting "F*" Trump.


11/25/2016 angry protesters on Black Friday bussed into Chicago
Black Lives Ruck Fahm Black Lives Media Supporter
Black Lives Matter Demonstrators. Four large buses from Anderson Transportation dropped them off at about 12:30 AM. Apparently looking for more attention. Chicago's mayor, Emanuel Rahm, was president Obama's chief of staff. This group is not very supportive of Chicago's mayor. Many public school teacher union members were also in this group. Large numbers of our media were present at the Chicago Black Friday/Black Lives Matter event. Apparently here to provide attention. See also "Truth in Journalism"



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