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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these devices or companies will bring up more relevant information.


Efilmlite -- and other "lite" radiology viewers -- annoyware ?


Efilmlite is one of several radiology viewer applications that are commonly included when one gets a CD of someones MRI or CT scan for review.

These programs are free to the user (the doctor), and certainly the general rule that "you get what you pay for" applies here.

There are numerous problems !

I recently (1/08) had an opportunity to use the "real" efilm - -not the lite version. This is a far better piece of software, and actually very useful. It fixes most of the issues noted above and below. It seems that the viewers that the companies "give away" are (perhaps) annoy-ware.

Please -- someone needs to write a new (lite) program that:

2012-2014 Update:

Since writing the above in 2008, there has been several improvements in the radiology viewer market. We presently use "Osirix". This is a wonderful system that runs on a Mac server. The total cost is about $4000 -- the server costs $3000 and the application about $700, plus various other stuff. You put the CD in the box, it loads it without any further intervention, and spits it out again. The data goes into a Pacs system, with a nice viewer. Not bad !

It works by downloading Java programs that can talk to the server.

There is room for improvement -- the autoloading behavior should occur at any workstation. The windows interface could be a lot spiffier. There are occasional loading glitches. Still, way better than efilm !



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