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This space holds helpful information about software and hardware and vendors that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these devices or companies will bring up more relevant information.

Clonetools and Directory Report


This whole search started after I bought and used "easyduplicatefinder" for a year, and then it stopped working, and asked for more money. Like teenagers I guess. On looking online, the program gives no clue that you are "renting it", rather than buying it. In other words - -these guys are sneaky !

My idea is that I want own programs, not to I rent them, so I started to look for others. Easyduplicatefinder also seemed to be a bit silly -- programmed for 8 year olds perhaps. There were a few good reviews about clonetools (probably written by the programmer).


Clonetools was designed to locate duplicate directories. The idea is good, and maybe the program works (it is hard to tell because the trial is limited), but it is impossible to activate the program. One cannot activate it because the website (that worked well enough to accept payment), doesn't respond to activation requests. In other words, clonetools is a scam at worst, and a highly unprofessional program at best.

Directory Report

I switched to another program called wdirReport 37.1 in one version, and "Directory report" in another place. This one is also peculiar in it's activation procedure, but it is not impossible as is the case with clonetools. This program looks crude with Pacman type graphics, it is a bit buggy (first day I used it, I deleted 3 gigabytes of files, and I got 5 error messages), and certainly cryptic in design, name, and whatever it is doing, but it is fast and not to do any damage. There also appears to be a human being still supporting it somewhere as I reported the error and got a live reply.

Odd features are: 1). This seems to be a file size type utility, similar to one of the plugins for "total commander", that just happens to do duplicates too. One would think that this function would be built into windows 2). The pricing is odd and activation procedure strangely involved-- I would prefer a more expensive program that just worked whever I installed it, without needing to go through some validation server. 3). It is not easy to use -- like total commander, takes some study. Not like easyduplicatefinder, which is really easy (but really sneaky).

This program should be reincarnated as "duplicate-zapper" or something like that, and made so that the duplicate stuff is up front, rather than obscured by the interface.

Total commander

This is a "swiss army knife" type program, that does everything you can imagine. I use it very routinely for synchronization of large directories as well as FTP. Pretty different eh ?

Total commander has been around for a very long time, and has many optional plugins, including one that does everything Directory Report does (except the duplicates). However, I was not able to find one that does duplicate directories. Total commander is overall a much better deal than Directory Report, and is not buggy like Directory report, but it is not quite as good a tool for duplicates.


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