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This space holds helpful information that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error. There are also a number of rants about various things that Dr. Hain has found upsetting. Perhaps if enough of us do this, searches on these things will bring up more relevant information.


Broadway in Chicago (2012)

As an experiment this year, Dr Hain bought a subscription to "Broadway in Chicago" -- 5 musicals, basically at two theatres in downtown Chicago. The bottom line is -- don't do it. What you get is the "left over" plays for the year (or perhaps last year).

In Chicago, our theatre critics are all very enthusiastic, and one can't tell from the newspaper whether an event is awful or great. The sad reality is that Chicago is not New York (or Broadway), and what we get for musicals are pretty sad -- 2nd rate singers, acting and dancing.

Particularly awful ones this season (which got rave reviews from Critics) were:

It is hard to imagine someone who would both enjoy "South Pacific", one of the plays, and "American Idiot". In other words, it is hard to imagine someone who would want a subscription to Broadway in Chicago.


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