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This is a cleverly named file sync/directory compare program. I found it by searching online for a directory comparison tool. It does do directory compares, but it doesn't do sync (with safety).

Fortunately it has a trial period. This program looks superficially as if it might be powerful. Unfortunately it is dangerous. Actually, it is not that powerful. A powerful program would use a database. This one does it all on the fly. This is probably fine for little directories, but not so good for ones that have a million or more files.

Well, on to the bug --

This program attempted to copy files to a nonexistant volume. This behavior was apparently triggered by a windows file access error. This sort of behavior is very scary -- one expects utilities to be (somewhat) reliable.

I deleted this program immediately, and suggested that the authors recall their software. They replied with a message "We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience using Beyond Compare. If you ever wish to try Beyond Compare again please let us know and we can help solve your issues."

Thats fair, but it seems to me that it is unethical for these authors (scooter software) to be selling a program with unsafe behavior. I would have preferred the author of this program to express some chagrin that his program was dangerous, and attempt to duplicate the error themselves. Once the error was duplicated and corrected, then I would have preferred that the author "push" an update to the users.

I continue to use "syncovery", which rarely has any issues, and certainly never has unsafe behavior.


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