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Airbus A-330

I recently took a Swiss-Air flight to Zurich, as part of a trip to a conference. In the past, overseas flights have all been on Boeing planes, and this was the first chance to take an Airbus equivalent. I think Boeing, at least in the past, did it better.

Swiss Air has its problems, baggage being the biggest one. Swiss air does not seem to want anyone to use the baggage compartments. When we got to the airport, they told us that both of our standard bags were "overweight", and wanted us to check both. We redistributed to get one to less than 9 kilos. Then we spent 30 minutes waiting for the baggage to show up at the airport. We were thinking -- well at least, we risked only one bag getting lost rather than two.

The Airbus a-330 is a large plane, with 6 seats across, in the economy section. Everything seems to be done small, uncomfortable and cheap. It is difficult to make your way to your seat, because the walkway is so tiny. There are no bathrooms in the back of the plane at all. The bathrooms in the middle are understandably very busy, and they smelt bad. Airbus's idea of economy seems to be "tacky".

The seating on this plane is very poorly designed. They are very hard, and ones hands start to tingle after sleeping on the overnight flight. In other words, the seats are designed to give you an ulnar neuropathy. The armrests between the seats do not go all the way up -- making it difficult to share your seating with your wife. There is a strange "remote control" that is tethered to the seat with a cord. Why bother ? The function of the remote is hard to determine -- strange programming.

There are monitors, that look a bit like tablets, in front of each seat. This is a good idea. However, the performance of the server that streams to them is erratic, and without sound, the movies are hard to follow.

One good feature was that there was a USB port on the monitor -- one could use it to recharge one's cell phone. A good idea. Would be even better to have a regular outlet so you could use your laptop.

Overall, it was not a class act.


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