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Dr. Hain's Rants/Raves has helpful information about things that Dr. Hain has discovered by trial and error.

Last updated: 4/24/2016

Aimersoft family of video programs -- video utilities with many bugs.

Aimersoft has the sales strategy of divide and conquer -- it offers many little utility programs, each one sold for about $40. Once you add everything up, it costs as much as a single comprehensive package, but perhaps you don't need/want a single comprehensive package.

This company, or perhaps this programmer, has very serious problems with stability -- none of their programs will work for more than about 15 minutes without crashing. After using these programs for a few years, I have decided to pitch all but the DVD ripper, as the rest are all dangerous or unstable.

The video converter is especially dangerous as it "breaks" other programs such as powerpoint, presumably by producing incorrectly formatted video files.

Aimersoft video editor -- crude and unstable.

This program is another simple but unstable NLVE program, similar to NCH videopad. It only has one track. It does (really) crop. It also looks unfinished and it has lots of mostly non-fatal bugs. For example, the "crop" menu is not properly time synced. The subtitles are strange floaty things, that don't go where you drag them. It does output wmv files though, which is exactly the behavior needed.

Aimersoft is extremely fast. It does "hang" and also produces output files that are sometimes useless. Aimersoft does best processing wmv files ripped by another Aimersoft program (who would have guessed !). The "effects" menu, which offers far too many useless video transforms, is just a bunch of pictures of rainbow colored balloons. Overall, semi-usable. It is better than Premiere (faster and more stable).

Aimersoft DVD ripper --fast and unstable.

Recently fairly stable and much more usable than the video editor is the DVD ripper. It is very fast, and can be configured to produce good quality wmv files. While it was not stable in early 2014, after a 2015t update it has not crashed or emitted a memory fault. It still "hangs" very reliably when one converts a series of dvd files and clicks the "open folder when completed" button. It is also very disconcerting to move "sliders" on the play or trim menu, but the timeline has a very long delay - -in other words, there is a dangerous behavior when what you see is not what you get.

It labels the clips in a thoughtless way (long useless names --DVD-VIDEO-RECORDING_TITLE .... we would prefer something like clip1, clip2 ...). Overall though, the speed and good quality of this program makes it our current pick for transfering eye-video clips into an editable format. This program costs about $40. It is worth the expense because of the time that it saves. However, we wish it was more stable. That being said, almost all of the programs like this are unstable, and for $40, its not that bad.

Aimersoft video converter -- Dangerous program - -do not use.

Although it could be much more configurable, this program works reasonably well to convert avi files into wmv files. It does not crash nearly as commonly as the DVD ripper. This program will often play files created with surveillance DVR's, although sometimes at unusual speeds. It routinely crashes however when attempting to convert -- thus it plays, but won't convert. It still crashes routinely as of 9/13/2015. In fact, it crashed immediately after updating (supposedly to fix bug). Not reassuring behavior.

Worst of all, unfortunately, this program produces wmv files that load before playing in powerpoint. This makes it useless for powerpoint. I have switched to the PRISM Plus by NCH software, which is slower but does seems to produce useable files.



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