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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has recently announced (2013) that it will no longer sell software but instead rents it "in the cloud". This means that rather than purchasing a copy of, lets say, Dreamweaver, I now have to pay a fee for it every month. This increases my costs.

Adobe has always priced their products in the stratosphere, but at least, I could control my costs and just buy an upgrade occasionally (Adobe products have a tendency to break down over time).

Well -- my plan is to "vote with my feet", and just keep using my old products, and gradually replace them with competing products that are not as expensive.

I have already done this with Adobe Acrobat -- many other pdf editors are perhaps not quite as good as Adobe, but far more economical.

I will be looking for a replacement for Dreamweaver, hopefully open source.

Dreamweaver -- web editor

Dreamweaver is a good web editor that is no longer maintained by Adobe. The copies of Dreamwever that I bought in previous years are now replaced by the "creative cloud" version, which as noted, I prefer to avoid.

Older versions of Dreamweaver are "flaky" -- they crash randomly, and also can also make strange and dangerous errors. The core program is overly complicated and needs to be pared down to the essentials, and maintenance to fix the bugs.

Photoshop -- graphics editor

Adobe Photoshop remains very useful and stable, even in old versions. For the casual user that just wants a stable graphics editor, any version of photoshop works fine. Unlike Dreamweaver, Photoshop does not randomly crash.

We have never found much use for Adobe Illustrator. While the idea is a good one (vector graphics), just not much use for it.

Premiere -- nonlinear video editor

Adobe Premiere, like nonlinear video editors in general, is expensive, unstable and immensely resource dependent. For simple short video's, we prefer virtualdub.

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